Precision has manufacturing facilities in Austin Texas, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, and China. We manufacture custom steel and aluminum windows and doors including decorative and security fencing. Our products include a marine paint coating, zinc dip, and galvanizing, powder coatings, and aluminum finishes.

All products are custom-made to order by highly skilled craftsmen. We employ three generations of blacksmiths in our factories.

Precision products are manufactured to within 1/16” tolerance so architects and builders can rely on our precise measurements.

We factory glaze all glass in a controlled environment, which eliminates leakage and the need for subcontracting out this process. Each client benefits from having an assigned, experienced project manager ensuring precise documentation and production. Our ability to precisely control the quality of workmanship makes us unique among our competitors. Our glazing partners rank in the top tier as glass manufacturers, with matching warranties and glass color selections available on the market.

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Precisions Steel Doors and Windows has developed four product lines suitable for any climate and energy efficiency requirements. We are unique in that we specialize in oversize units

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