Commercial & Resi Fencing

Our fencing complements modern, contemporary, & classic residential and commercial properties, while providing space-efficient openings and useful functions. We manufacture steel and aluminum fencing with 6 standard profiles. 

Miimum container load minimums i.e. of 350 LF per order.

Steel and Aluminum Fencing

We manufacture two types of fencing to exist in very wet and dry climates, Aluminum and Steel. Our designs profiles include 6 profiles most commonly used in residential and  multifamily properties.  We focus on two rail and three rail designs, but we will manufacture custom profiles (depending on the quantity).   

As with all Precision Steel product lines, our quality of materials and finishes are top shelf materials.  If your looking for a inland Texas climate you might want zinc coated and black paint or in Florida, you may chose aluminum and galvanized and powder coatings.  We are the only manufacturer of all types of fencing to fit commerical, security and decorative that can be to include zinc or galvanized with corrosion-resistant coating. 

Georgetown Industrial

Our Georgetown industrial design adds an element of prestige and added security to your property. Our basic fence design includes two, three, or four horizontal rails and provides a variety of options for those seeking a traditional model or an extravagant look with polished details. The Georgetown design is often used in historic districts or contemporary locales.

  • Two Horizontal Rails
  • Three Horizontal Rails
  • Four Horizontal Rails

Guardian 17º Industrial

Keep your business and investments safe with the Guardian fence model. This attractive and hard-working security fence features 17-degree bent pickets, making it extremely difficult to climb.

  • Two Horizontal Rails
  • Three Horizontal Rails
  • Four Horizontal Rails

Guardian Plus Industrial

The Guardian Plus model, with candy-cane style pickets extending from the top rail, makes this security fence impossible to climb, even with a ladder. Remain confident that your business and investments are safe with this attractive, durable security fence.

  • Two Horizontal Rails
  • Three Horizontal Rails
  • Four Horizontal Rails

We manufacture six types of fencing that are made for various climate situations and designed with a different security applications these are:

A. Aberdeen Industrial

B. Barcelona Industrial

C. Canterbury Industrial

D. Georgetown Industrial

E. Guardian 17 Industrial 

F. Guardian Plus Industrial

1. Steel ornamental fencing comes in standard with ½ “to ¾ pickets and 2 “posts, all are zinc coated and painted with a marine coating

2. Steel Fencing comes with galvanized, and powder-coated finish in 3 colors

3. Aluminum Fencing profiles are typical designs

4. Custom Fencing by request

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